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[pdt-dev] Line flickering when I press enter

Hi Alec,

From what I see you didn't report this issue on bugzilla. This is the first step with any PDT problem. Please do this by https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=PDT. In bug description add info about your Linux distribution (name, version, etc.). You can also try to record short screencast, maybe it will show us your problem.


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Wysłane: 23 czerwca 2017 23:13
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Temat: [pdt-dev] Line flickering when I press enter
I cannot screenshot this.

Say I type a line, anything, "$var;" for instance, when I press enter
for a brief instant $var; will be on the new line, then vanish. This
happens for all of a frame but it is extremely annoying.

I'm using Neon3 on Linux.


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