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Re: [pdt-dev] Article for PDT 5.0 - request for comments

Great article!

Maybe we could also have just a little note about all Alex's work concerning TI improvements, they were quite big patches, but that's just a suggestion since it's a bit late if you want to publish it the june 6 ;)


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Objet : [pdt-dev] Article for PDT 5.0 - request for comments

+1, looks good to me. Good job!


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Temat: [pdt-dev] Article for PDT 5.0 - request for comments

I prepared an article for PDT 5.0 - to be published in the Eclipse newsletter.

You can see the current state of the article in Google Docs:

I allowed comments in the article. Please, add any comments and I will do my best to adapt the article as necessary. The deadline for the final content is June 6.

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