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[pdt-dev] Remote PHP Executables?

Hi Xavier,

Thanks for suggestion. At the moment there is plan to add support for PHPUnit in general (pure PDT doesn't have it). Later we can think about remote executables :) Can I ask you to create bugzilla issue with description how you imagine this feature? Currently PDT project is a little bit under resourced but we will see what future will bring.


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Wysłane: 10 grudnia 2016 11:21
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Temat: [pdt-dev] Remote PHP Executables?
Hello everybody,

I guess this is already a topic in this list, but there's any way, or plan, to include in PDT the possibility to define remote PHP Executables (Vagrant VM) to run PHPUnit tests?

Remote Debugging works nice, but We miss remote PHP Executables.

Thank you