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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT page SEO

I am not a SEO expert either but two quick suggestions:
- the current page title is PDT: Eclipse PHP Development Tools maybe change this to Eclipse PHP Editor and Development Tools?
- on the main page https://www.eclipse.org/pdt/ no where do you have the phrase 'php editor'. You might try to incorporate that 1-2 times into the text.

No guarantees but it might start to help.


On 29/07/2015 6:53 AM, MichaÅ NiewrzaÅ wrote:

I noticed that "https://www.eclipse.org/pdt/" have quite poor SEO. When I'm searching things like "php editor" or "php ide" PDT page is at least on second result page. Interesting thing is that proposal pageÂ"https://eclipse.org/proposals/php-ide/" is quite high:)

I did some small moves to improve this situation:
* I updated wikipedia page with list of PHP editors [1], previously PDT was not on "Free editors list"
* I updated PDT site to be valid HTML page [2]

SEO is not my strongest skill so if someone have other ideas (even smallest) how we can improve rank of PDT page please share it :)


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