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Re: [pdt-dev] When will be new bugfix release of SR1?

Currently there are three important issue that must be addressed prior to this release.
1. the compare functionality is broken for example see 326553
2. Exception when opening specific files - see 326293
3. Editor massive performance issue - see 315739

The first issue was already fixed but once all others are fixed (and verified) it will be promoted as a milestone.

Keep us updated on any other specific issue that must be addressed asap.

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I want to ask for whole community, when do you plan to release new I or M build?

Because there are more bugs, which make SR1 unusable e.g. bugs 326247, 323883 and 321178 (  it's important for users with Win XP 64bit OS, I have upgraded to Win 7 64bit, because this bug doesn't exists on this platform and it's not important for me now :) )

Thank you