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[pdt-dev] Helios PDT RC3 == RC1


I've been using the Helios RC builds for PDT for the last few weeks.  I reported a bug in RC2 and I was told that it had already been fixed but that there was some sort of problem that caused RC2 to be built from the same code as RC1.  I downloaded the nightly build of PDT and confirmed that the bug had indeed been fixed, however I don't seem to be able to install the nightly builds of PDT on my Windows 7 computer at work and the recent RC3 build still contains the bug.

This is what comes pre-installed on Eclipse PDT Helios RC3 (downloaded from http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/download.eclipse.org/eclipseMirror/technology/epp/downloads/release/helios/RC3/eclipse-php-helios-RC3-win32.zip):

PHP Development Tools (PDT) SDK Feature    2.2.0.v20100519-1400-53-84QAN2IGRoLXQN3T6XXRLa9Od    org.eclipse.php.sdk.feature.group
        PHP Development Tools (PDT) Runtime Feature    2.2.0.v20100519-1400-7L7J-F8NcJTJK0Qy9N5JJ    org.eclipse.php.feature.group
        PHP Development Tools (PDT) Source Feature    2.2.0.v20100519-1400-7L7J-F8NcJTJK0Qy9N5JJ    org.eclipse.php.source.feature.group

The date on this package indicates that is was build almost three weeks ago on 19/05/2010.

I'm concerned that the latest builds of PDT are not being tested because they are not available except by installing the nightly builds on Linux.

Jeffrey Bolle