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[pdt-dev] Re: resolving PDT build issues

Do you know whether internal Jars are signed as well? We have JFlex &
JavaCup jars that reside in org.eclipse.php.core plug-in...

I'm not sure if it recurses INTO jars; I would guess no.

BTW, I'm going to pretend that the aforementioned jars have already been approved bby the Eclipse Legal team, documented in IPzilla with CQs, and not mention that redistribution of non-CQ-approved code at eclipse.org is illegal, since you already know that.

I'm going to further NOT mention that code released under GPL (or GPL-equivalents) is not compatible w/ EPL and therefore cannot be approved in IPzilla for redistribution.

Of course if you want to redistribute these jars you can do so @ sourceforge or a similar place, but eclipse.org != GPL-land. That's how CDT gets around this limitation for redistribution of MinGW.

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