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[pdt-dev] [Fwd: autotagHEAD Auto Tag Report: v20090122-0930]

Just a reminder, it's important to update your features once in a while so that they can be installed via Update. Otherwise p2 may not notice that the plugins underneath have changed, and will prevent end users from installing new versions of PDT (without first uninstalling existing features).


-------- Original Message --------
From: apache@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Apache)
Subject: autotagHEAD Auto Tag Report: v20090122-0930
To: alon@xxxxxxxx, nickboldt+build@xxxxxxxxx

Changed plugins will be tagged as: v20090122-0930

Map modules considered:
  2 entries in ./org.eclipse.pdt/org.eclipse.pdt.releng/maps/pdt-extras.map
  13 entries in ./org.eclipse.pdt/org.eclipse.pdt.releng/maps/pdt.map

:ext:apeled@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/tools / org.eclipse.test not found in HEAD branch
:ext:apeled@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/tools / org.eclipse.ant.optional.junit not found in HEAD branch

Changed Plugins

Elapsed time: 1.81mins.

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