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[pdt-dev] Installation PHP Support in PDT


I downloaded the 1.0 Stable Build  
pdt-all-in-one-incubation-S20070910_RC1-linux-gtk.tar.gz and extracted it as 
root. I changed into the ./eclipse directory and ran "./eclipse -clean". When 
opening a new project, I see no references to PHP, no do I see anything about 
mentioned under Windows->Preferences, as some of the online documentation 
indicated there whould be. I did not find any installation instructions, so 
from links on the Eclipse web site, I ended up on  

In step 3 "Now add the PDT project's download site:", I try to add a new 
remote site with the give URL. However, I get the message that it is already 
configured for this URL with the title "PDT Updates". Since this is already 
shown in the screenshot, I think is logical to assume that a new one needs to 
be created named "PHP Development Tool (PDT)". However, I cannot unless I 
leave off the training slash, but that seems not to be the correct method. 
So, I assume "PDT Updates" is the correct one. 

Step 4 says 'Check as well "Callisto Discovery Site"' - There is no entry for 
this. What do I check here?

The only thing I can check is  "PDT Updates", so I do and click "Finish" and 
follow the prompts. The installation appears to go through successfully and I 
am prompted to restart Eclipse, which I do. However, after the automatic 
restart, I still find no references to PHP. So I shut it down complete and 
restart it with "./eclipse -clean". Still, I find no references to php. 

Although the documentation says there should be references to PHP, I open up a 
new project of type "General". When I try to edit this file, I see no syntax 
coloring/highlighting, etc that I other IDEs provide for specific languages 
(i.e. Java). 

Based on all of this, it seems that the PHP plugin was not installed. I am at 
a loss to figure out how to get it installed correctly. Any help is 


Jim Mohr