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[pdt-dev] Number of PDT Users

Hi All,


What do you think is the best way to find out how many people today are using PDT and how many are active in the mailing list of pdt-dev?

The downloads in the last month have increased tremendously (about 150%) and the current numbers are:


/tools/pdt/downloads/drops/S20070611-M1/all-in-one/pdt-all-in-one-S20070611_M1-win32.zip 19884 /tools/pdt/downloads/drops/S20070611-M1/all-in-one/pdt-all-in-one-S20070611_M1-linux-gtk.tar.gz 14098 /tools/pdt/downloads/drops/S20070611-M1/org.eclipse.php_feature-sdk-S20070611_M1.zip 6402 /tools/pdt/downloads/drops/S20070611-M1/org.eclipse.php_feature-S20070611_M1.zip 3460

/tools/pdt/downloads/drops/S20070611-M1/all-in-one/pdt-all-in-one-S20070611_M1-macosx-carbon.tar.gz 1323


Total downloads in the last month: 45,167

This does not include the update site downloads.



Yossi Leon

PDT Project Leader
http://www.zend.com/ +1-646-919-1456





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