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RE: [pdt-dev] Hiding system files from navigator

I'm sorry but this kind of discussions belong in the newsgroups and not
the PDT DEVELOPERS mailing list.
Thanks for the understanding

Guy Gurfinkel,
Team Leader, Development Tools

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Hi Shachar,

thanks for the prompt reply, it works like a charm!

I also have an issue regarding the use of the PHP Outline feature.  
All the core methods used by our project are stored in a dedicated  
file. The same applies to l10n strings that are stored in a language  
package as constants.

Is there a way to have a project-wide outline, so that code assist  
functionality draws phpdoc definitions from the above files, no  
matter what file I'm currently editing? I've tried to use Include  
Paths but this didn't really help.
I'm not sure whether this (project-wide code assist) is how the PHP  
Outline is supposed to work.


On 4 Jul 2007, at 13:44, Shachar Ben-Zeev wrote:

> You should use the "PHP Explorer" view which hides these files by  
> default.
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> Subject: [pdt-dev] Hiding system files from navigator
> Hi,
> I've recently switched to PDT after using PhpEclipse for a long time.
> So far I'm quite happy, but I have a (possibly silly) issue with the
> Eclipse configuration files.
> Since I've installed PDT, I see 2 folders and 2 files holding project-
> specific settings under Navigator:
> .cache
> .settings
> .project
> .projectOptions
> Is there a way to:
> - hide these files/folders from the Eclipse navigator;
> - prevent Eclipse from exporting them when using Export > File System
> I'm running on Eclipse 3.3 with PDT 1.0.
> Best,
> Dario
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> Dario Taraborelli
> Wikka Development Team
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