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[pde-dev] Running JUnit tests remotely

Hi All,

I've been looking for a way to run JUnit tests remotely, but keeping the same experience in Eclipse (the JUnit View, the support for debugging, breakpoints, etc.). My search led me to believe no such solution exists. So, I'm taking up the desire to add support for this type of behavior to the existing JUnit plug-in. Generally, the idea would be to allow a user to provide the details of a remote server on which the JUnit tests should be run. The plug-in will:

1. rsync the required files to the remote server.
2. Run the required java process on the remote server to have the tests run.
3. Connect the local Eclipse to the remote java process.

This poses some requirements on the remote server (what's installed, etc.) but I believe it could be quite useful.

If you guys agree, I'd appreciate pointers on where to start with this.