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[pde-dev] [Question] : How to extend PDE classpath provider

Hello all,


This is my first e-mail in this mailing list, so I’m kind of a newbie J


I went through a debugging of some PDE classes especially classpath initializers and classpath entry providers.

I wanted to contribute to 2 given classpath container providers, so I can attach additional information (like java doc) to the classpath entries in method getClasspathEntries.


First I had to do this for a pure web projects and I did it by contributing to the extension point

org.eclipse.jst.server.core.runtimeClasspathProviders and by extending org.eclipse.jst.server.core.RuntimeClasspathProviderDelegate and attaching the corresponding javadoc_location classpath entry attribute.


Now I would like to do the same for PDE based projects. I started to look around for the same extension point, but with no luck.

As far as I researched the classpath initializer (org.eclipse.pde.internal.core.RequiredPluginsClasspathContainer) for the PDE projects in its initialize method is not meant to

consider any custom classpath providers as the classpath for the pure web projects (org.eclipse.jst.server.core.internal.RuntimeClasspathContainerInitializer) does.

The PDE classpah initializer assumes that the java doc for a given plugin is located inside the plugin under doc folder.


Any hints on how I can extend the classpath provider for PDE projects will be much appreciated.



Vladislav Iliev

tel.: +359  8056 753

e: vladislav.iliev@xxxxxxx