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[pde-dev] Pde Build Jar in a plugin jar issue

I have feature a that has plugin a.plugin inside of it (a.plugin is packaged as a jar file). a.plugin has google_collections.jar inside of it. it is selected on the binary build box of the Build tab of the manifest editor and the packages com.google.common.base and com.google.common.collect are exported by the manifest file.

I also have feature b and it has <requires><import feature="a.plugin"/></requires> in the feature.xml file. this feature has b.plugin inside of it. in the MANIFEST.MF of b.plugin there is a Require-Bundle: a.plugin. so all looks good.

when I build feature b, feature a is loaded in the target platform.  When I run the PDE build feature b fails to build with errors :
import com.google.common.collect.Maps
the import com.google cannot be resolved.

Can anyone give me any idea why this is not working. if I package a.plugin as a directory instead of a jar there are no build failures. However due to the project specifications I need to package all plugins as JAR's.
Mark Russell
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