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Re: [pde-build-dev] CVS location of eclipseInternalBuildTools

Hi David,

thank you kindly for your answer, especially because I chose the wrong mailing list.

But your reply contains all I need to know to proceed with my attempt (without wasting time by searching for something nonexistent :-) ).

Best regards,


David M Williams schrieb:

(Finally, a question I can answer! :)

Those are not in cvs because there wasn't really an eclipse-reviewed license to re-distribute them.
The idea was anyone who needed those jars, could obtain on their own, if they accepted the license from the third party.

Some of this could probably now be easily improved, with some of the stuff now being in Orbit, and I'm sure the releng team would entertain patches for that purpose.

(And PDE is the wrong list, for RELENG tools and questions :)

From: 	Immanuel Scheerer <immanuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	pde-build-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 	10/09/2008 06:40 AM
Subject: 	[pde-build-dev] CVS location of eclipseInternalBuildTools



I'm trying to build Visual Editor (needs some serious bugfixes :-) ). I
checked out org.eclipse.releng* from dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/eclipse. I
get the following build path error:

Project 'org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder' is missing required library:

I tried to figure out, where I can download or checkout
eclipseInternalBuildTools. But Google shows only 9 hits, and none of
them really helps me to find the public cvs location. I could just add
j2ee.jar to the project, but eclipseInternalBuildTools surely contains
other important artifacts.

Would be great, if someone could help me!
Greetings from Berlin,


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