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[pde-build-dev] Headless Build Product (from feature) in Ganymede

I have been struggling for a while to get PDE Build to do a headless build of a Product.  I have no trouble doing the headless build of a Feature using Ganymede (SR-1).  I have a proof of concept Feature project with a product file that I've been using to test my headless build.  To aid me in my search, I setup a debugged session of Eclipse and stepped through the code that generates the Product from a Feature (by invoking the "Eclipse Product export wizard" link in the product overview page.
It seems that the class responsible for generating a product is: ProductExportOperation, and the method call is: createFeature(...).  The key is a variable passed in to this method(boolean includeLauncher).  If includeLauncher is True, then the Product is generated, if it is False, then you just end up with your Feature. 
This method is called by two pieces of code (from what I can tell):  FeatureBasedExportOperation.run(IProgressMonitor monitor), and ProductExportOperation.run(IProgressMonitor monitor).  The first of these two calls sends a value of False for the includeLauncher parameter, and the second call sends a True for the includeLauncherParameter.
I have stepped through the Eclipse PDE Build from the antRunner task with no luck of hitting any breakpoints in this code.
My question is: How do I generate a Product instead of just a Feature through the headless PDE Build?  Am I missing some essential build.properties parameter?

Eric Internicola