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Re: [pde-build-dev] cyclic dependencies in PDE build (but there are no cycles...)

A fragment is an extension of its host plugin and, in some respects, is not really a separate entity by itself.  So the host plugin inherits all the dependencies that are listed in the fragment.  Therefore, if you have

>   Fragment A' with A as a host
>   B has a dependency to A
>   A' has a dependency to B

then you have a circular dependency.  A (via A') depends on B and B depends on A.

> Is there a solution (maybe build order, something else...) that I am not aware
> of, or is this something without a solution and we need to change the
> fragment to a plugin?

The problem can't be fixed by changing the build order.  The two solutions I can think of are:
1. Remove B's dependency on A.  (Maybe by moving parts of B to A'.)
2. Change A' from a fragment to a plugin.