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[pde-build-dev] Cross reference to muliple version plugin

As described in the followed figure, we have a product depends on on 2
pre-built features FA which depend on plugin PA_2, and FB which depends on
PB_1. In the baselocation, there are 2 different version of PA: PA_1 and
PA_2, PA_2 is a higher version. Plugin PA is an independent plugin, it is not
included in any features, for example, the org.eclipse.osgi plugin.

|- FA
| |_ PA_2
|- FB
| |_ PB_1

|- features
| |- FA
| |_ FB
|- plugins
| |- PA_1
| |- PA_2
| |- PB_1

- when using PDE product build, which version of PA will be discovered?

Based on our build, on some machine PA_1 is chosen, and on others PA_2 is
choosen. Can someone explain how PDE product build discovers the plugin
version in above case?