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RE: [pde-build-dev] Order of compiling plugins during headless build

I was having the same problem with the PDE build for a product I was working on.  It turns out that the PDE Builder was calculating the plugin order correctly, however, I didn't have a 'source..' entry in my build.properties file.  This was causing the PDE builder not to compile the plugin's class files.

Make sure that the plugin's build.properties has the source.. and output.. entries defined correctly.

 - Marshall

> Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 13:41:38 +0100
> From: felix.zielke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: pde-build-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [pde-build-dev] Order of compiling plugins during headless build
> Hello,
> we are doing a headless product build for our rcp application and we
> encoutered the following problem: the plugins are compiled in the wrong
> order means the headless build does not follow the dependencies as
> defined in the "plugin.xml"s.
> Here is the situation: We have a product which contains one feature. In
> that feature are the plugins pluginA, pluginB and pluginC (in fact there
> are 10 plug-ins, but I simplify it here). PluginB depends on pluginA and
> pluginC. During the headless product build the ant script from the pde
> tools builds first pluginA and then pluginB. That is the point where I
> get the error because pluginB cannot find the packages of pluginC. If we
> are using the Export product wizard from the Eclipse IDE, everything
> works fine.
> The error I get is
> 1. ERROR in C:\xyz\build\plugins\pluginB\src\Example.java (at line 32)
> import org.example.package.ExampleClass;
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The import org.example.package cannot be resolved
> I hope the problem became clear, thanks for your help.
> Greets,
> Felix

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