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Re: [pde-build-dev] Map formats

@CVSTag@ looks like a token that will be replaced before using the map file in pde.build.

If no repository is specified at the beginning of the line, CVS is assumed (since originally CVS was the only supported repo)
The key=value format was new in 3.3.  If it is not used, then yes the order matters.  The actual order itself depends on the repository and is defined by the extension that provides support for that repo.
See the 3.2 docs for the cvs format http://help.eclipse.org/help32/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tasks/pde_fetch_phase.htm.

The repositories are contributed by extension point and pde.build itself only provides CVS, GET and COPY.

The only other one I am aware of is a plugin on sourceforge that provides SVN.

To fetch from a branch in cvs, just tag that branch beforehand.  CVS fetch is all based on the tag.


Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx>
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10/29/2007 09:59 AM

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Re: [pde-build-dev] Map formats

Thanks Kim. That explains a lot. I have some follow up questions:

This is an entry from a releng map file:

How do I interpret @CVSTag@ ? Is that something that should be replaced
with the tag used when reading the map file?

None of the entries have the "CVS" keyword, nor do they prefix the
arguments with "tag=", "cvsroot=", etc. Is CVS the always the default
and is the order of the comma separated list significant for the CVS
type? If so, is it correct to assume that it is always:


What is the third argument?
Are there any other known types besides "CVS" and "GET" (one that comes
to mind is "SVN")?
How would I map a specific branch in CVS?

Thomas Hallgren

Kim Moir wrote:
> Thomas, I think this may be what you are looking for
> http://help.eclipse.org/help33/index.jsp?topic=/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tasks/pde_fetch_phase.htm
> Kim

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