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RE: [pde-build-dev] PDE source-plugin build

Thanks for your help.  It turned out that you can't have an empty <requires> in a feature.xml. 
Although the code in InternalFeatureParser sends along message 
DefaultFeatureParser_RequireStateWithoutImportElement=Error parsing feature stream. State: "require" must include at least an "import" element.    
all I get in the Ant output is
[eclipse.buildScript] Could not create feature: file:C:/.../features/.../feature.xml.
When the exception is caught in BuildTimeFeatureFactory.createFeature(), the Message.error_creatingFeature is written to the log but the rest of the info is not. 
The displayed message 'Could not create feature: file:/...' is a bit misleading as it's a problem creating an internal feature model object, but the problem is really in parsing the file.  A much clearer message is prepared after the exception is thrown further up the stack, but that message doesn't seem to get written out.

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PDE Build does not have any debug logging during script generation.
Debugging PDE itself might be simpler than adding logging.
Just do the following:
1) Run the eclipse that contains pde.build
2) open the Plugin-Development perspective
3) in the Plug-ins view, find pde.build and right-click -> add to java search

4) Ctrl+shift+T to open FeatureBuildScriptGenerator
5) set a breakpoint on generate();
6) Make a new debug configuration to run the org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner application
7) Set your program arguments as appropriate and debug.

To make changes to the code (ie add logging), instead of 2 & 3, do:
a) Make sure you have a 1.4.2 JRE installed: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs
b) open the CVS perspective, add anonymous dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/eclipse as a repository and check out org.eclipse.pde.build
c) In the package-explorer, right click on Meta-Inf/manifest.mf -> PDE Tools -> Create Ant Build File
d) on the resulting build.xml, right click -> Run As -> ant Build (This builds the lib/pdebuild-ant.jar, you only need to do this once).
Continue at 4) to debug


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[pde-build-dev] PDE source-plugin build

I'm trying to generate source plugins.  I've tried to follow the instructions in "Advanced PDE build topics/Generating Source Features and Plug-ins", but am getting nowhere.  When I include my "xxx.sdk" feature in my build, it fails during the generate step for the xxx.sdk, saying that it 'couldn't create feature file: yyy' where yyy is previously built and is in the output directory.  It fails after having created the xxx.source feature and plugin, but before writing the build.xml files for either the sdk or source features and plugins.

Before begging for help, I'd like to know what debugging facilities are available.  Is it possible to get the PDE build to tell you what it's doing?  I'm finding the output quite terse, and the error messages not very useful since they usually tell you what went wrong but not what the build was doing or what it expected, etc.

I know you can use -debug and an .options file, but I haven't seen a description of what can be put into the file.

How hard would it be to build the PDE plugins on my machine and add my own debug logging?

Thanks for any help.

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