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[paho-dev] How to use Android Snapshot release with Gradle ?


I am trying to use the Paho Android Service snapshot release 1.1.2 via Gradle, but I keep getting a gradle "Failed to resolve: org.eclipse.paho:org.eclipse.paho.android.service:1.1.2-SNAPSHOT"

I do not see this issue if I try to use the release version 1.1.1.

Can some one please point out what I am missing in build.gradle ?

When using the 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT version, this is what I am using in build.gradle:

repositories {
  maven {
    url "https://repo.eclipse.org/content/repositories/paho-snapshots/"

dependencies {
  compile 'org.eclipse.paho:org.eclipse.paho.android.service:1.1.2-SNAPSHOT'

In dependencies I also tried the following, but that does not help:

compile group: 'org.eclipse.paho', name: 'org.eclipse.paho.android.service', version: '1.1.2-SNAPSHOT'