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Re: [p2-dev] Use p2 API and tests

Hi Genevieve,

You may be interested in the p2 discovery UI.
In the attached screenshot you can see it being used by Mylyn.



On 3/24/2017 12:26 PM, Genevieve Bastien wrote:

I am a developer on the Trace Compass project and I am working on a feature to automatically install/update/uninstall experimental features (Eclipse plugins in an update site). I was thinking of using p2 for this of course.

My idea is to create a wizard that would list all features (in the sense of Eclipse feature group) of the update site with their current status (installed/upgrade available/not installed). The user would select the actions to do for each, and then I would call sequentially, if needed, the uninstall wizard, update wizard and install wizard with the appropriate operation.

First, does it sound like a good plan? I started implementing this and it works, at least with the install wizard, I haven't tried many wizards in a row yet. Any advice on this?

Also, I will need to unit test this and would like to use the p2 testing facilities. We are using a target platform. Are the o.e.e.p2.tests plugins published anywhere?



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