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[p2-dev] IU fragments?

Hi. Probably doing something weird here but there is not much information in internet about iu fragments so have to ask this dead dev list.

We are trying to use p2 to install non osbi bundles (weird I know).
We also have complicated licensing schema so I cannot put license agreement
in the iu itself, so we came up with plan that EULA (license) is packaged in another iu
and main ui depends on eula iu with some filtering condition. That works, when you install main package you prompted to accept EULA from eula package. Ta-da!

The problem now if user requests details on main package before install or after install he will not see any EULA, he will see empty License page (like in Properties page).

First I tried to solve this with iu patch, but quickly find out that its only applies to requirements and nothing else.

Second I tried to use iu fragments. From the little info I got I figured out that its kind of regular iu, with fragment property set to true and reversed dependency, i.e. now eula fragment package depends as host dependency on main package. It does not seems to work though. When I try to install main package eula is not picked up at all. Do I need to do anything special for it to be installed or considered by engine at all?

Then even if it picked up, I am not sure if it will do what I want which is overlay package metadata, i.e merge or replace license part of metadata with one with fragment. Anybody knows?