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[p2-dev] Fw: [eclipse-dev] Reminders for RC2 and RC3

Reminders that we are near the end of the Neon release and are locking down the changes that go in.


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Date:        05/18/2016 08:40 AM
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Reminders for RC2 and RC3
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Tonight 20:00 EDT will be our RC2 candidate build. This means, no further changes must be committed or merged after that. If you find a critical issue that requires a rebuild, send a note to the platform-releng-dev mailing list with a link to the bug report.

You can start to work on RC3 fixes via Gerrit but must not merge them until RC2 is declared. Please make sure to read and follow the
RC3 rules.

On Monday, please join us testing the RC2 release candidate and verifying all RC2 fixes.

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