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Re: [p2-dev] Generation of feature metadata

Hi Ian,

> Yes, it is the only way to include a feature while still allowing it to
> update independently. But that requires the match rule to be set. I know
> some projects do this, so it should be working fine. I'm not sure about
> all the other match rules (and in particular, no match rule).
> Having said that, many projects choose not to allow features to be
> updated independently. Version ranges are used on bundle dependencies
> and features are locked. The reason for this is so that if you provision
> the same version of the product twice, you get the same install. If you
> use feature ranges, then your install may not be deterministic. There
> has been a lot written on this, and a lot of different opinions, so I
> really don't want to revisit that. :-)

Thanks for the explanation. I guess I have some reading to do then.

Best wishes,


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