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Re: [p2-dev] feature patch patches

AFAIK only one feature patch per feature is allowed...

On Mar 13, 2014 7:05 PM, "Martin Lippert" <mlippert@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are facing an urgent issue with feature patches and I very much hope that someone on this list can help me/us.

We have to install a feature patch for the JDT feature. We did this in the past and everything works fine for the simple standard case (just patch a certain version of JDT).

Now we are facing the situation where the JDT feature might already be patched for Java8 support or not. In both cases we would like to apply our feature patch on top (replacing both versions, the patched JDT and the unpatched JDT is fine for us in this situation).

So we could either try to let p2 know to apply our patch onto the plain JDT feature AS WELL AS the Java8 JDT patch.
Or we could create separate patches, one for patching the plain JDT feature and one for patching the already Java8-patched JDT.

Is that somehow possible? We already tried to target our patch towards the Java8 patched JDT, but that didnât work (the JDT bundles didnât get replaced).

Any help would be very very very much appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot in advance!

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