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Re: [p2-dev] Processing of binary IUs

On 26.06.2013 16:52, Thomas Hallgren wrote:

However, if my case I have local repository already. Copying big files from one local location to another does not add any more reliability.

I would argue that it does. There's nothing that restricts the installation from modifying the file once it has been installed. If you have multiple instances, then one instance might corrupt the file from other instances. I.e. the downloaded copy is immutable, the installed copy is not.

What is 'downloaded copy'. There's the story we have:

- There's local P2 repository, containing a fairly big artifact
- P2 copies that artifact into cache directory and executes touchpoint
- touchpoint unzips the artifact (and along the way, makes backup copies of whatever files are replaces)

While I suppose touchpoint can destroy the copy in the cache directory, this does not seem like a very likely

I suppose I am not sure why P2 want to make policy decisions that better left to my specific application. In my
case, making a cache copy of a 1GB artifact is simply unnecessary expense. In fact, ideally, I want the unzip
touchpoint to operate on a *stream* that reads data directly from installer binary. As it stands, I first need
to self-extract installer binary, then P2 makes another copy of artifact, and only then unpacks, so that's 2
unnecessary copies of the artifact, plus whatever backup copies are made.


Vladimir Prus
CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics