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Re: [p2-dev] Changelogs and specific version updates

On 13/06/2013 10:37 AM, Vladimir Prus wrote:
On 13.06.2013 18:17, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
I'm not sure if you are talking about the GUI aspects or just the capabilities of the model .
But on the model side each IU has an update descriptor (IUpdateDescriptor) which contain a description, a priority, and a few other things.
At this point, this information is never shown in the p2 UI.

I see -- I have missed IUpdateDescriptor.getDescription. Is there expectation that HTML should work there?
This is just a string. You can store HTML as long as it is properly escaped (iirc the writer and parser should do that). You will also notice the location field.

Regarding UI -- I assume there are no current plans to make it show description?
iirc, there is a special case in one of the UI component to show this information when the product only has one IU installed and it is updated. That said there is no current plan to make changes for this in the UI, but money or contribution can change that :) Also in most cases the difficulty is to get the proper information to be authored.

As for choosing which update gets installed, if you are using the UpdateOperation (see class of this name in the
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.operations bundle) then you will see that you can chose which update to apply.

Yep, but does it have any UI support? When I try with a test update site having versions 1.79 and 1.80 of certain
IU, the "Check for Updates" dialog box offers only 1.80 as installation option, and I see no checkboxes that would
show me older versions.
With the update workflow first open on a review page, but iirc it is possible to go back to chose something else. However this is kind of convoluted.