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Re: [p2-dev] Update site from archive over http

Hi, The url you mentioned works, thanks for that.

The only problem I faced is that eclipse does not check for updates once it has downloaded the archive during the first check\install.

So, I need to restart eclipse to be able to check updates.
I've tried to see why it happens, and found that sun.net.www.protocol.jar.JarFileFactory is caching already downloaded jars..

Could you please tell me if there is some workaround that will give possibility to check updates from such sites without eclipse restart?

Eugene Kondrashev.

Wed Nov 07 2012 00:27:32 GMT+0200 (EET) ÐÐÐÑÐÐÐÐÑÐÐÑ Pascal Rapicault (pascal.rapicault@xxxxxxxxxxxx) ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ:

Did you try using the jar:http://some.url.com/foo.zip! syntax to connect to the update site?
I have not tried it but I think this may work.

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Hi experts

I have a need to provide a plugin for eclipse in form of a zip file over http protocol.

It is like installing a plugin from archive, clicking "Archive..." button except the fact that the archive itself should be downloaded from the web site.

I have no possibility to provide expected file system layout(with artifacts.jar, content.jar, features, plugins) for the update site, but only one constant link from which update site archive can be downloaded.

Is there any possibility to achive this?

If not, how hard will it be to implement it myself?
I just need some start points on how to add some other button along with "Local..." and "Archive.." while adding new update site. Or extend "Archive.." click button behaviour, so it will resolve archives over http, but not only "file" protocol.

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