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[p2-dev] CategoryPublisher questions...


I am looking for information on the CategoryPublisher when run at the command prompt. Specifically, what I should be expecting to see when the publisher runs correctly.

As it is now, I am able to invoke the CategoryPublisher but I see no feedback as to it's success or failure nor do I know what to look for to see that the process has modified what it is expected to.

Some background:
We have ANT tasks set up for an automated build of the feature and it's required plugins. We want to add a quick command line call to categorize the repository.
The call being issued is:
c:\eclipse\Eclipse.exe -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher.CategoryPublisher -metadataRepository C:\...\..\...\buildRepo -categoryDefinition file:C:\...\...\...\...\...\category.xml

C:\...\..\...\buildRepo points to the folder containing the features and plugins folders who then contain the jar'd feature and plugins.
and C:\...\...\...\...\...\category.xml points to the category.xml file created in Eclipse(Indigo SR2)

I have tried pointing -metadataRepository to the un-jar'd features and plugins but see no files modified.

It could be that I am not issuing the call correctly (not pointing to the right file locations) but what concerns me the most is there is no feedback on what the process is having trouble or success with. -console, -consolelog does not seem to have any impact on getting output from the process.

Thanks in advance,