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[p2-dev] Can p2.inf alter greedy attributes for a bundle you depend on?

Hello everyone,


I’ve got a PDE build, with p2.gathering=true, of an RCP app that uses some Mylyn bundles. There’s a bundle (org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.ui.manifest) that has an optional dependency on org.eclipse.ui.editors (via MANIFEST.MF saying “org.eclipse.ui.editors;resolution:=optional”).


I need my RCP NOT to take that optional dependency (ultimately it gets us org.eclipse.ui.ide and contributions to the File menu like Open File…!).


I cannot change the mylyn bundle’s MANIFEST.MF to add x-greedy=false… so what is my solution?


Can I actually put a p2.inf (next to my rcp .product file) that instructs p2 NOT to grab the optional dependencies that /mylyn/ is requesting?


Thank you!

-          Eddie