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Re: [p2-dev] ECF provider based upon httpclient4/httpcomponents

Hi Scott,

Thank you and ECF team!

Our p2 based product will start to adopt to httpclient4, we have tests to download lots of files from cloud service. I will report it if any regression issue is found.

Mengxin Zhu

On 09/14/2012 05:19 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi p2 team,

ECF has an enhancement request to create a filetransfer provider based upon Apache httpclient4 (aka httpcomponents). See [1] and [2].

Thanks to the ECF contributors and committers, we have this provider working, and we are now building it and testing it with the ECF filetransfer test suite (we run this against all providers).

We would like to have p2/Eclipse eventually use this provider...or course after thorough regression testing...as well as testing against proxy configurations (e.g. NTLM2). We think that the httpclient4-based provider will be a much better base to go forward from...at least partially because the Apache httpclient4 codebase is under active development and maintenance, while httpclient 3.1 is not any longer.

To do this transition, however, we will need some help and cooperation from the p2 committers and/or community over this coming fall and winter. Assuming this fits in with p2's plans...Ian, Pascal, or others...please let me know how best to coordinate/accomplish this transition.



[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=251740
[2] https://build.ecf-project.org/jenkins/job/C-HEAD-filetransfer.httpclient4.feature/

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