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Re: [p2-dev] Master v. Integration

No, we have several "autotaggers" that use master only, directly.

The only warning is you need to be careful as you approach milestones, releases, what ever, and not push something to master thinking "it won't effect current build", since it will. In other words, you need to break old habits.

Jumping ahead, the general recommendation (I've heard) is to remove the integration branch if no longer used, to help avoid confusion.  (Since its only purpose was to mark what to include in current build, it doesn't contain meaningful tags or history ...  is my understanding). [You'd have to open a releng bug and get some help with deleting this branch, since we normally don't allow deletion of branches, except <commit_id>/featurebranch ].

An alternative, to master-integration distinction is to always do "prep work" in feature branch, such as <committer_id>/bugxOrfeatureY, you can push that to repo, have others review, write code to it (in their own commit_id/ branch), do tests, etc., and once all set to merge what should be merged merge that into master. (and, then, yes, can delete <committer_id>/ branches when no longer needed or useful, without releng help).


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I'm all for reducing the overhead. However was not that added to satisfy the requirements of automated tagging?


On 2012-09-04, at 4:50 PM, Ian Bull wrote:

Hi everyone,

Due to the long weekend I forgot to merge master into integration this week.  This isn't very serious (since we are early in the development cycle), but it means we need to wait another week to test changes, etc... I'm wondering if we still need both branches for p2?  Having two branches makes sense during active development, where things may get committed that shouldn't be included in a weekly integration build. However, for maintenance, it doesn't really make sense -- especially when you consider we typically just merge everything each week anyways.

What do you think about building p2 from master each week?


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