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Re: [p2-dev] p2.inf in p2 repository (was Re: Incorrect coded p2.inf)

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 1:26 PM, Craig Ching <craigching@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Changing subject so that I stop stomping all over Samuel's problem, sorry about that Samuel!

I hope no one is bothered by me carrying on, it's just been a bit tough understanding this whole process. ÂSo, let me start by saying I have *something* that works. ÂWe can install it and upgrade it using p2 repositories. ÂAt build time, I believe we create a p2 repository as output of our build process. ÂThis p2 repository contains our pre-packaged features and has p2.inf in the features.

During the build p2 took your bundles, features, and any p2.inf and generated metdata IUs and artifact IUs into your final p2 repo. Any p2.inf instructions have been turned into attributes and/or elements of the metadata IUs in the p2 repo. At that point, the p2.inf is just a text file, and isn't necessary.

During an install, the metadata IUs are used/execute (the instructions configure your start levels, etc), and also copied into the profile (like the SDKProfile.profile found in the Eclipse SDK). That's so removing the IUs can execute any unconfigure/uninstall instructions, etc.


Paul Webster
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