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Re: [p2-dev] Incorrect coded p2.inf

The p2.inf file is a build artifact recognized by the p2 publisher. It's not supposed to be included in the p2 repository and to my knowledge it has no meaning in a runtime configuration. In other words, in order for p2 to recognize it, the artifact must be rebuilt and published anew and the user must then update his installation.

Thomas Hallgren

On 06/06/2012 04:42 PM, Samuel Wu wrote:

Hello there,

A customer shipped a p2.inf in a feature. This p2.inf contains a touch-point action for the unconfigure and it has a syntax error. This feature has been installed and deployed to the end user. Now this feature needs to be updated. An error message popped up to complain the syntax error in the touch point action and didn't allow the feature to be updated. They tried to correct the syntax error in the p2.inf of the installed the feature and start with -clean option, but eclipse still remembered and used the old command with error.
Is there a way to make P2 recognize the updated p2.inf? Thanks.

Best Regards

Samuel Wu

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