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[p2-dev] Is it possible to install a feature into an RCP app at build time?

On Wednesday, 16 May 2012, Trace Windham wrote:
Unfortunately, it is not installed at the root level of installed features.  Instead, the feature is a child of the main RCP feature of my RCP application, and therefore when updates are available for this child feature they are not found during the execution of the "Check For Updates" command in my RCP application.  My requirement is that this feature be independently updatable without having to be manually installed by a user.  I think this is what the patch in bug 361722 addresses.

Do you think I'm accurate in this explanation? I'm not yet confident of my knowledge in this area.

Technically these features can still be updated by p2 independently of the product, even though they aren't root-level.  But I guess the p2 Update UI only considers root-level IUs.

So I guess your antrun to install via the director is the best approach for now.