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[p2-dev] product builds

Hi p2ers,

Question: I have two products (A and B) that are based upon the same set of plugins...i.e. B's required plugins are a strict subset of those required for A.

I'm successfully using the PDE product build (i.e. productBuild.xml) to build product A. I would like to create the source plugins for both products in one run...i.e. one compile, one assemble...and then resulting in two products as the output of the build.

It would be nice to simply run the director twice...i.e. with the two difference products as the top-level IU from the same repo...but I can't figure out how to easily create a repo that contains *both* products...at least with the PDE product build. Is this possible? If so, what's the best (read easiest) way to go about it?