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Re: [p2-dev] Categorising IUs in an existing p2 repo using category.xml

p2 supports nested categories. Unfortunately the category.xml editor does not support it. 

That said, you can still get the appropriate IUs generated by using features and p2.inf to author your categories. 
You can find more details about it at - http://pascal.rapicault.net/?p=41
Note that there is an attached example at the end of the post.


On 2012-03-25, at 5:02 AM, Dileepa Jayakody wrote:

Thanks Pascal for clearing out my doubts.
I also wish to know if it's possible to define sub-categories and category-versions in category.xml.
In the following sample category.xml [1] how can I define category c2.1 as a subcategory under c2?
Can I give version IDs for my category-defs?

Thanks in advance,

   <feature url="" id="a" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c1"/>
   <feature url="" id="b" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c1"/>
   <feature url="" id="c" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c2"/>
   <feature url="" id="d" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c2.1"/>

   <category-def name="c1" label="Category-A"/>
   <category-def name="c2" label="Category-B"/>
   <category-def name="c2.1" label="Category-B-II"/>

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On 2012-03-18, at 3:04 PM, Dileepa Jayakody wrote:

> Hi Devs,
> I have a requirement of categorising IUs in an existing P2 Repo so that when the available features of the repo are queried, they are shown  in groups under categories (like the 'Grouped by' feature in Eclipse). I came across the concept of category.xml to explicitly define IUs under categories.
> My question is how can I retrieve this category metadata when I query the available IUs from the repo?
> Can I use IRepository.getProperties() method to read the category metadata from the category.xml in the p2 repo?
> Or do I have to run 'Category Publisher' application to encode the category data into content.xml of the p2 repo; is there any other alternative method to categorise IUs in an existing repo?
       The category.xml is only an authoring format. In the end, the categories are represented by IUs (InstallableUnit) that are part of the metadata repository (content.xml). Theses IUs are generated by the 'Category Publisher'. Like any IU those can be access by querying the repository. The query can be created using the following: QueryUtil#createIUCategoryQuery.


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> Thanks,
> Dileepa
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