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[p2-dev] shared installs

HI All,
I have a question regarding shared installs. We have shared location for eclipse on the network.  We then have in the eclipse.ini -data and -configuration specified. 
We have the following scenario:
1.User starts eclipse and it will create the -data and -configuration folders automatically
2. the user installs some plugins
3. User exits eclipse
4. we update the shared location to have new plugins, therefore the p2 profiles have changed on the shared side of the installation
5. The user starts eclipse.  From the Installed software and installation history tab, the user has his/her info and shows the user specific plugins, but they are not loaded.  We see that the user's features/plugins are not seen in the relevant tabs
6. If we then install anything else from the user's eclipse it then brings back all of the previous plugins and the new one and everything is working fine.
So, my question is, instead of having my users install anything to be able to bring back their previous plugins, is there anyway via a runtime option to trigger p2 so that it does it automatically?
Thanks in advance,