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Re: [p2-dev] A typical use-case

I'm very interested to look into this repository analysis tool and would appreciate to get a binary trial. I know B3 Aggregator (and I like it), but I'm missing some search related features like "where used". 
Would be great if someone can point me to a similar tool for analyzing relations coded in feature.xml and plugin-manifests.

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A shameless self-promotion :-) I have a tool that lets you browse p2
repositories, see composite structures, IU dependency tree/list, etc. I
can provide prebuilt binaries if anyone is interested (the sources are
at github already).


On 12-02-28 6:08 AM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
> Am 27.02.2012 23:01, schrieb Thomas Hallgren:
>> Another way to reduce the pain would be to introduce smarter
>> protocols that would enable p2 queries to be sent and evaluated on a
>> server rather than copying the "database" in its entirety to the client.
> I don't think that downloading the database is a bad idea. Once the
> database is local, all future queries can happen local. There seems to
> be an issue with too many database downloads, though. Sometimes p2 does
> too many downloads for the same database. I whish the caching would be a
> bit more agressive. Another option might be to ship software packages
> pre-loaded with local databases.
>> The simple solution that is feasible short-term is to maintain separate repositories.
> I tend to agree. Even for my target platform definitions I tend to be
> more specific and avoid composites. Luckily, I have shell access and can
> browse the download servers to find the one I want. But other users just
> get the 404/403 and will never find out if a repo is a composite or not.
> I wonder if directory browsing should be enabled for download servers.
> -Gunnar
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