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Re: [p2-dev] Installing features using P2 and maintaining JAR output

Hi Jim,


Eclipse unzips every feature that contains touchpoint instruction “zipped” in its metadata.

So theoretically speaking, if you publish your feature without this instruction, after installation you’ll have a jar instead of folder.


However, it seems that having jars in the “features” folder leads to some issues with Eclipse update configurator – it expects to look for a feature.xml in a folder.

Have in mind that even if update configurator presence is not critical in your environment, there could be other Eclipse components that may rely on feature being unzipped.


In short, it’s possible but could lead to strange issues.


Hope this helps,



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Hi All,

The Rational UA Infrastructure team is working with P2 installs as part of our builds, and one thing we noticed is that when P2 installs a feature (even if the feature is a .jar), once the feature is installed into the Eclipse environment, it is installed as a folder - not a JAR. Is there a switch or other way to maintain the feature as a .JAR once it is installed? The reason I am asking is we are building a site.xml file based on the contents of our builds, and we want the site.xml to have JARs in it, not folders.

Any help is greatly appreciated.