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[p2-dev] locking artirepos && performance

Ciao @ll :
Just debugged a huge performance problem in my installer over here.

Calculating the required disk space (~2gig) took 120 seconds, rather than the usual < 2 seconds.


Recently adopting 3.7 made my suspect new features to maybe be used incorrectly in my code, started debugging in that mind set…


Turns out the big performance bottleneck is the simple arti repo. What it does is reread artifacts.xml each time a single call to “getArtifactDescriptors” or like methods is made. My location is read only (network share) and somewhat slow, so that explains why this bug was exposed  in such a drastic fashion…


This seems like a really huge problem to me, can you guys fix this even on the 3.7 stream? I’m of course willing to contribute to the fix, by filing a bugzilla or whatever you guys want me to do, but I wanted to publish the problem here as well since I saw a bunch of locking-related messages before and thought maybe there was something I could do different in my code to work around the problem (-Declipse.p2.internal.simple.artifact.repository.locking=false did not work since that is only used in one of the two constructors of the simple arti repo)…


Ciao, hh