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[p2-dev] rollbacking a provisiong action

Hello all !
I was wondering if there was a public API to rollback a provisioning
action in p2.
I found this class : 
that could do the work (you give to it the current [n] and a former
[n-1] profile; and it creates a change request to create a new
profile[n+1] similar to the former profile [n-1]) 

public static IProfileChangeRequest
generateProfileDeltaChangeRequest(IProfile current, IProfile target)

but... it is an internal class... in an internal package, depending
onothe rinternal packages (part of the p2 director bundle)

So I think this lead is not viable...

How do you guys proceed with rollbacking ?

Thanks for your answers !!

Anthony Dahanne
Software Developer
Compuware Montreal
75 Rue Queen, Suite 6500
Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 2N6

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