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Re: [p2-dev] Working with Apache Felix

I tried to run p2 on top of Felix - what I managed to get is simple configurator installing p2 bundles on top of Felix in the way Eclipse does it: 
	put simple configurator in Felix auto deploy folder 
	describe all the other bundles in the bundle.info.
Though the initiative was unsuccessful as a whole, here are some interesting things that could be useful:
	- Felix default start level is 1 and this could potentially cause issues with simple configurator which is supposed to be the only bundle running on 1.
	- Simple configurator relies on file schema which to be retrieved from bundle location. It seems Felix bundle location doesn't provide this info. 
	- Relative paths in bundles.info lead to FileNotFoundException. 
	Last two could be worked around by having absolute path to bundles and "file:" prefix in bundles.info (which is acceptable only for test purposes) 
	- p2 bundles should be ordered in order to start successfully
	- Dependencies marked as "optional" in Manifest should be handled properly in order to prevent ClassNotFoundException
	- Dependencies to "org.eclipse.*" packages provided by Equinox (the depending packages are around 10).

I'd like to participate.

Kind regards,

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Nicholas are you interested in using all of p2, or just some of its sub components?

As DJ said, this is something that we tried two years ago but we had to stop because of corporate priorities on other projects.

I would be very happy to see this effort resurrected. I think most of the effort required to make this happens consists in either making some of p2 dependencies on some Equinox packages or splitting up the Equinox packages used by p2 into separate bundles. Then there is the work on providing a fwk admin that knows how to work with Felix.

Is anyone interested in participating?


On 2011-06-10, at 7:53 AM, Nicholas Ustinov wrote:

> Good day!
> Does anybody know, is it possible to run P2 provision engine on Apache Felix container?
> We should support Equinox and Felix in our custom OSGi application and we need solution for provisioning our application.. P2 seems to be very good for it.
> Thank you,
> Nicholas
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