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[p2-dev] Feature Versions and Custom Actions


I'm working on a P2 install which requires the execution of an installer binary as part of the feature installation. I have managed, with the help of the archives of this list, to get the custom action running and the executable to be run. I am now trying to work on the uninstall side of things, where the user reverts back to an older version and I'm running into some problems. When I do an install, then update and then try to revert back to the original installed version, Eclipse is completely removing my feature.

My current setup is

BinaryFeature - contains the executable to be executed
HolderFeature - contains the plugin which has the custom action plug
CustomActionPlugin - ProvisioningAction class which finds the executable and runs it
UpdateSite - Contains the Binary and Holder features

I'm wondering why my feature is being completely removed when I do the revert, I would have at least expected the originally installed feature to be re-added. Is it because the BinaryFeature doesn't have a plugin associated with it?

Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.