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Re: [p2-dev] List of update sites

In fact, I can't find solution for 3.5 at all, since the API is closed
all over (e.g. related classes IRepositoryManager,
IMetadataRepositorymanager, RepositoryManipulator etc. are all

2011/3/28 Andrey Razumovsky <razumovsky.andrey@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2011/3/25 DJ Houghton <DJ_Houghton@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> 2). In older versions of Eclipse you can get the service through the
>> bundle context and not go through the agent. Like you said, the agent was a
>> concept introduced in 3.6.
> Could you please provide a snippet? The following returns null:
> context.getServiceReference(IMetadataRepositoryManager.class.getName());
> What service should I look for?
> Thanks,
> Andrey