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Re: [p2-dev] Proposal: Simplified installer/updater.



Having these two APIs would handle all of the self-updating RCP applications we have seen at my client and probably most of them out there.  This seems like a lot of expressive value for RCP (and possibly server-side OSGi) clients.

Unless someone objects, we would like to go ahead and implement these (and incubate the work in the E4 repo).
Any objection in putting it in the p2 incubator?

Personally, no, as long as we can use Git to access the repo (firewall concerns).

Practically, (for the moment) it's got to be E4 that's where I have permission to put the code.  To change that requires talking with lawyers. :-{

But I'll make it a priority to get that changed if you like.
Given that there is no particular barrier of entry to the e4 incubator for anyone interested and you can do the work there. Let's stick with the e4 incubator as a place to host the code but with the clear goal of moving it in the p2 namespace at the end.


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