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Re: [p2-dev] How can the product publisher use java profiles ?

AFAIK we do not ship an application that just publishes the JRE IU.  It is done as a by-product of product publishing.  Users can write their own apps that combine the various actions to best suit their needs to you may need to put something together if you want to run just the JRE action from the command line.

As for the content of the JRE IU and version numbers, in general we don't have version numbers for the packages in the JRE. The publisher just uses the content to the .profile file copied from the OSGi bundle.  If we knew what versions packages were included in the various JREs we'd include that info in the .profile file. Unfortunately, this info is not generally/reliably available.  You are free to create your own profile to represent a JRE that you do know about and then publish using that info.  If you find a way of getting definitive package version information for JRE packages, please open a bug against Equinox/Framework. It would be interesting to have that info in the main framework profiles.


On 2011-01-13, at 12:09 PM, Yousouf, Shenol wrote:

Hi all,
As you know, during product publishing a JRE configuration unit is generated to export a standard set of java packages which installable units may require. However, the default JRE unit exports all the packages with version ‘0.0.0’ which does not suit me.  I want to publish a product along with a java profile file which specifies the exact versions I need.
Judging by the code, publishing has support to load such a profile from a specified location (see JREAction class for reference) but I cannot find any entry point from the product publisher application (in the current case, I need to run the application, not call the publisher API programmatically) or from the product definition file to pass such a profile. Can you tell me if there is a common way to do that ?
Thanks and regards,
Shenol Yousouf
SAP Labs Bulgaria
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