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Re: [p2-dev] p2 product publisher bug

Hi Pascal,

> > In the end PDE has to accept and use the merged code.
> 	We discuss that question during a call before creating the
> incubator. Andrew Niefer who owns PDE Build agreed to answer questions
> and will help in th.e merging. You may want to raise this point on the
> ML to get the word from Andrew
> 	Also Jeff and I are both PDE Build committers.

I wasn't aware of this. Great! So we really can make the refactoring a success. 

We have decided to reserve some time on this refactoring in the coming four weeks. Could you propose me and my colleague Jens Glander as committer for the incubator? We have contributed the build plug-ins for p2-enabled RCPs in Tycho.

Best regards